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Sinister Goings-On Over At Sevco !!!

27 May, 2016 - 12:05 PM - by Joe O'Rourke
Joe O'Rourke's Avatar
There are some sinister goings-on over at Sevco. They are adopting their tired old no-one likes us we donít care attitude. But it is a deliberate tactic to get their so-called supporters on board.

It is the same old ďWe are the PeopleĒ and everyone else is inferior to us attitude; but there is certainly a plan behind it all; and it could lead to more trouble at grounds around the country next season.

The Sevco Board started off with their inflammatory statement at the weekend; they have followed that piece of nonsense up with another piece of nonsense from their Chief executive Stewart Robertson.

I thought guys in that type of position were supposed to be clever; I think Mr Robertson has dispelled that notion. His comments about being better to be singing sectarian songs than running around a football pitch were amazing.

What Sevco are trying to do is play the victim card; they lost not only the Scottish Cup; they lost the opportunity to boost their revenue stream with a few games in Europe; the best way to get the fans to invest more to make up the short fall is to play the victim again.

Sevco seem to have a lot to say since the SFA announced an independent inquiry into the Hampden fiasco. I sincerely hope the SFA are going to investigate themselves during the inquiry; since they were ultimately responsible for security at the national stadium.

Mr Robertson says that singing songs of hate is... [Read More]
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Astonishing Statement from Sevco. Jabba strikes again !!!

23 May, 2016 - 11:43 AM - by Joe O'Rourke
Joe O'Rourke's Avatar
The statement yesterday from Sevco was the most astonishing I have seen from any so-called professional organisation. Whoever wrote the piece was clearly not of sound mind. And whoever it was in the Sevco hierarchy who sanctioned it clearly needs help of the psychiatric kind. Always remember, never drink on an empty heid.

The statement has Jabba the Huttís paw prints all over it; only someone as deranged as him could come out with the most inflammatory statement in the history of Scottish Football; I know that Sevco have not been in existence all that long; but so-called journalists should be careful what they write.

Everyone got attacked in the statement; well almost everyone; they missed out Judy Murray, Dougray Scott, Irvine Welsh, and The Proclaimers. For a club and fans who love to sing No-one likes us we donít care; they seem to be caring an awful lot now.

Keith Jackson in the rag he writes for headlines that all eleven Sevco players who finished the match were assaulted in one form or another. There is clear footage of Sevco players walking up the tunnel; none of them appear to be too distressed. Let me be clear; there is no acceptable situation when any football player is assaulted or abused.

The statement itself must have been cleared by a very senior member of the Sevco Board; probably Dodgy Dave himself I suspect. He is no stranger to making an absolute muppet of himself. His comments about Celtic winning... [Read More]
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Why not Joey who? just like Lubo who?

16 May, 2016 - 11:05 AM - by Joe O'Rourke
Joe O'Rourke's Avatar
It comes as no surprise the Scottish Media are talking up the chances of Joey Barton signing for Sevco as they play in the top tier of Scottish Football for the first time in their short history.

This is the same media who scoffed at the signing of Lubo Moravcik by Celtic; the quote at the time was ďLubo who?Ē Well they all had to eat a large portion of humble pie when Lubo stated to weave his magic; if they had bothered to do even a small amount of research they would have been writing different headlines.

As for Joey Barton; I actually like the guy very much. I believe he has more in common with the average Celtic Supporter that he does with the everyday Sevco fan. He comes across as a well-read decent guy with socialist principles; which would make him the polar opposite of a Sevco fan. Joey has done some daft things in his time; but signing for Sevco would be the daftest of them all.

We knew what was coming with the media; they donít change too much; the agenda is always clear; destabilise Celtic at every opportunity; and promote Sevco at every opportunity.

Unfortunately for Sevco and the media; itís players on the park that win titles; not hackís in offices with laptopís; which is probably just as well for us; because if they had their choice we would win nothing.

It was a fantastic day at Celtic Park yesterday; watching all the young Celtic Supporters in their strips having a great time celebrating... [Read More]
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Another Record ... A proper one not made up.

09 May, 2016 - 12:11 PM - by Joe O'Rourke
Joe O'Rourke's Avatar
Much to the displeasure of the usual suspects; Leckie, Waddell, and Jackson et al, Glasgow Celtic clinched their fifth title in a row. In doing so Celtic created a new record; a proper record; not a made up one.

Celtic have become the first team to win Five in a Row; three times. As I said previously; itís a proper record; it factually legitimate; itís not some team claiming to have won fifty four titles while having only been in existence for four years; and having never ever played in the top tier of Scottish Football; which makes it impossible.

No, this is now in the Record Books for all to see. It also means we are now half way to achieving Ten in a Row. Celtic have now won the title on forty seven occasions. Each and every one of those titles were won in an honest manner on our part; and sometimes against all the odds and honest mistakes.

So congratulation Ronny Deila and all your players and staff; itís Two in a Row for Ronnie; having won the title in every season at Celtic Park.

It was a wonderful day at Celtic Park in the sunshine. It was also wonderful to be able to applaud the representatives of the Hillsborough Justice Group. We have to admire their indefatigability in the pursuit of justice for their loved ones. It is not full justice yet; but it will be when those responsible for the tragedy; and those who continued to lie during it all are brought to justice and suitably punished.

There is a bond... [Read More]
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For the Record. Boycott the Record.

06 May, 2016 - 12:49 PM - by Joe O'Rourke
Joe O'Rourke's Avatar
It’s really hard to believe that some Celtic supporters still buy the Daily Record. We have had a boycott of the rag since the “Thugs & Thieves” headline which eventually cost the editor his job.

Their latest attempt to bad mouth Celtic Football Club is absolutely scandalous; and deserving of legal ramifications.

To claim that the announcing of the Safe Standing area was an insult to the families of the Hillsborough victims is right down there with their lowest guttersnipe journalism.

We all should know the Records agenda; it is to destabilise Celtic Football Club; and to promote Sevco FC.

Keith Jackson still takes his orders from Jabba the Hutt; how I would love to bump into that clown some day!!!!

There is an agenda there from the Scottish Media for all to see. The same people who were claiming Ronny Deila was a gentleman; were also questioning his ability as Celtic Manager and saying he should be sacked.

... [Read More]
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