Petrie and McLeish, a pair of Failures.

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Petrie and McLeish, a pair of Failures.

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Fri Feb 16, 2018 11:18 am

So Petrie has managed to get his way once again ,that just goes to prove that no-one on the SFA Board are worthy of their position, they have managed to drag Scotland International Football Team back into the last century, they are all “Cowards” each and every one of them.

Let me make one thing clear, I think Alex McLeish is actually a decent human being, I certainly don’t think he’s one of the scumbags who treat us to 90 minutes of sectarian singing every time Sevco play, but that doesn’t matter.

First and foremost Eck was generally a first class failure at every team he managed, except for the time when he could sign players on contract’s that were illegal and constituted “Blatant Cheating”. He isn’t known as McLeish MBE or OBE, he’s known as McLeish EBT.

The mere fact that he has been out of work for about two years tells its own story, there has been plenty of job opportunities both in Scotland and England, but ECK wasn’t invited to apply for any of them, he could have gone back to Birmingham City and went for a hat trick of relegations.

The whole process stinks, Regan said a few weeks ago there was no rush to appoint a new manager as there wasn’t a competitive match until September, so why did Petrie want to get one in now? Did he have to make sure it was someone who sang from the same hymn sheet before a new CEO was appointed?

It will be interesting to see who he names as his backroom team, will it be his old buddie Andy Watson? Who again I think is a decent guy. Or will it be one of the usual suspects? Guys like Alex Rae, Durranty, or the serial offender Sally McCoist? And don’t forget to get a token Tim on board, they think that will shut us up.

Petrie and McRae might need to act fast now to get a CEO into position, it would appear that the other cronies’ on the board were bought off by the promise of a new CEO who would be acceptable to them, now who could fill the role? The mind boggles !!!

All in all I have to say Scottish Football is on its last legs, 99% of the people involved are self-serving and pathetic. When Peter Lawwell and Celtic called for the right thing to be done they all blanked him. All the so-called illuminati, like Budge and Milne, just did what Petrie told them to do.

Petrie is up to his neck in the whole Rangers 1872/Sevco 2012 scandal. He knows all the secrets about the DOS/EBT schemes with side letters. He is also very much to the front of the FRAUD that took place in order to award Rangers 1872 a licence to play in European Competition in season 2011/12 to the detriment of Celtic Football Club and its Supporters.

Petrie and McRae are as Guilty as Sin. They have sinned against the whole of Scottish Football except for one team. Petrie has even cheated his own team Hibernian (McRae is only an amateur). I wonder if when Hibs beat Sevco in the Scottish Cup Final in 2016, Petrie considered going on the pitch on the Sevco side, obviously to protect the Sevco players from those celebrating Hibs supporters.

Their Day Will Come !!!!

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