Sunday was easy, Motherwell will be different !!

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Joe O'Rourke
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Sunday was easy, Motherwell will be different !!

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Wed Apr 18, 2018 12:02 pm

Sunday was one of the best days I’ve enjoyed playing against the new team called Sevco, it is normally quite stressful because of everything that surrounds these games, and of course every team you play against has a chance. But on Sunday we dominated the match from start to finish, it was almost the Perfect display.

Our whole team turned up for the match, there were no failures in our team, every player played his part, none more so the Captain Fantastic Scott Brown, and special mention to Big Moussa and Olivier, the two Frenchmen were at it right from the start. It gives our supporters great confidence to see a team so strong, and when you look at the substitutes bench it is was even more pleasing.

We now have a Manager who is right up there with our Greatest, Big Jock, he has so much gravitas, he just oozes class. It must be an absolute pleasure for our players to be coached by Brendan and his staff. The improvement in our squad is quite remarkable, and all the players appear to be enjoying their time, Happy Players are Good Players, you cannot play well as a football player if you are not happy with your environment.

While Sunday was easy I believe the Final will be a bit more difficult. Motherwell will not be as passive as Sevco were, in fact I’d go as far as to say I expect Motherwell to try to bully us, or in laymen’s term, Boot us off the park. That’s the way they play, and will see that as their best chance of winning the Cup. But as is normal I expect Brendan to come up with a tactical plan to ensure victory and a Historic Double treble.

As I firmly believe we will win the League at Easter Road, the Cup Final now becomes the most important game of what’s left of the season. We cannot match the point’s total, or goals tally for last season, so just winning is all that matters now. That will give Brendan an opportunity to rest some players in the last four games, although I would expect he will not want to lose his unbeaten record against Sevco.

I would love to give Broony a bit of time off, for the last three games at least, but I’m not sure the Skipper would even want that, he seems to thrive on pressure, the bigger the game, the bigger he becomes. So I guess we will just have to wait and see what the Boss decides is best, for both Broony and the team as a whole.

So it’s on to Easter Road this weekend to win the title. Glasgow & Edinburgh will be Green & White... Seven in a Row…. “Wits the goalie dain Tom?” …

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