The solution was simple, and staring them in the face.

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The solution was simple, and staring them in the face.

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Mon Apr 23, 2018 9:04 am

The problem with pandering to the knuckle draggers is that sometimes it will backfire on you, it has certainly backfired on the SPFL with the results over the weekend. Just what they didn’t want has now become a reality, and that goes for Police Scotland as well.

Both organisations knew that the peepell who follow Sevco wouldn’t be comfortable with Celtic clinching Seven in a Row against them at the home of the Famous Glasgow Celtic, only in this small wee country could that happen, and why? Because bullying and intimidation works in this “One Country Many Cultures” Aye .. That’ll be right.

The SPFL also bows to the wishes of SKY and BT, they determine dates and kick off times, it doesn’t matter if your coach cannot get to Celtic Park for a 12 noon kick off, even though you have paid over £600 for a season ticket, and because of television schedules you might miss half the games you have paid to watch. I wouldn’t mind so much if the money on offer was decent, Celtic will get £3 million for winning the league, sweetie money in the great scheme of things.

The stupid split we have has caused all the chaos, if it was a normal league we would probably play Sevco in the middle of the season so to avoid what is happening now. Celtic weren’t going to be allowed to win the title in the first game after the split against Sevco, and we couldn’t play them on the last day because they wouldn’t be able to stomach us getting the League Trophy, so they had to be the middle of our three home matches.

I would have thought it was quite simple, we have three home matches and two away, Sevco is the reverse. In my mind it would have meant Celtic playing Home-Away-Home-Away-Home, and Sevco the reverse of that, but not in Scotland Sevco play their two home matches in their first three games, how does that work out properly?

For me the solution was very simple. Week 1 .. Celtic v Kilmarnock .. Aberdeen v Sevco .. Hearts v Hibs. Only one team can achieve 77 points apart from Celtic, who are on 75 just now. So obviously only Sevco or Aberdeen can achieve 77 points by winning their five matches, obviously they cannot both win their five matches. With that option for week 1, we would need to have lost at home to Kilmarnock and either Aberdeen or Sevco would need to have won to stop us clinching the title (albeit on goal difference).

But of course it’s all up in the air now, and we can win the Seven in a Row Title against that mob on Sunday. So what will police Scotland do now? They certainly were not happy with that possible outcome. I’m guessing they will do what they always do … “Panic and throw every available cop at it” you can bet there will be record numbers on duty, and they will be itching to show they are in control.

Saturday was very disappointing at Easter Road, we should have went out and made sure we had the title won. Full credit to Hibs, they certainly showed more commitment than we did, they pressed us high without being overly aggressive, I think this Sunday will be more aggressive, and I definitely think in the Cup Final, Motherwell will try to kick and bully their way through the game, we need to be ready for both games.

But let’s just do what we do best under Brendan, Batter Sevco and clinch the Title, then the Historic Double Treble against Motherwell.

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