Serious consequences from a stupid decision !!

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Joe O'Rourke
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Serious consequences from a stupid decision !!

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Mon Sep 03, 2018 11:39 am

Fantastic all round team display yesterday, there was not one failure in our team, the only downside was that the score line didn’t accurately reflect the difference in class between the teams, the much praised Stevie G came for a draw, it was like watching a Walter Smith team all over again.

We knew right from the moment Dodgy Dave King announced the new ticket allocation that there would be problems. At first the Police agreed with us on that, then they did what they always do, they claimed it would not be a problem for them to police the event, well that turned out to be a disaster, or rather should I say, it almost was a disaster.

I was surprised that the Police never objected strongly about the new allocation of 800 tickets to the Sevconians, I’m also surprised that the SPFL or the television broadcasters didn’t voice their objections as well, does no-one actually consider the consequences of the stupid and vindictive decision to cut the allocation.

When you have 8,000 Sevco supporters in our stadium the police and stewards know exactly where they are, when you only have 800 Sevco supporters in our stadium we don’t know where the other 7,200 are. Are they in pubs close to the stadium? Are they in pubs all around the city centre? Are they waiting to pounce on innocent people just because their team got battered again? It appears there was considerably disruption after the 800 left the stadium.

And let’s look at the problems around the Janefield Street underpass at the stadium. We have never had any major problems there during big games in the past, but because of the extra segregation problems caused by the stupid ticket allocation reduction, we had a crush there which could have been extremely serious, with fatal consequences.

So what happens when we go to the Bigot Dome on December 29th? Can the Police or Sevco security guarantee the safety of 800 Celtic Supporters? I very much doubt that. So what are the options then? Do we tell them to stick their 800 tickets because the safety of our Supporters is Paramount? Or do we bring 800 to Celtic Park and bus the lot to Govan with a heavy police escort. Surely that’s not what a day out at the football should be about.

I don’t know the statistics from yesterday in terms of people injured or arrested, I’m sure the numbers will come out in the next few days. Whatever the figures are, even one supporters being injured is one too many.

A side issue of yesterday for the Celtic Supporters Association was the effect it had on our London Road Social Club. We continue almost on a weekly basis get trouble from the young hooligans who hang about the scheme across the road from the club. Last night a young man got stabbed three times by those clowns. He ran across to our club seeking assistance, he got that assistance, and an ambulance and the police were called. It’s not the first time this has happened, every time Celtic get a decent result those hooligan scumbags crawl from under their stones. The Police are aware of the problem, but they would rather blame the club. The social club was quiet all day, everyone enjoyed their day and the victory, it’s a pity other people cannot act the same way.

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