We need to stand together for the good of our Club.

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We need to stand together for the good of our Club.

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Mon Oct 01, 2018 12:10 pm

I’ve been following Celtic for over 60 years, and nothing has changed in some respect to this day. We are still a “Stand Alone Club” we have never had the support of any of the other professional clubs in Scotland. Even our wrongly named brothers from the east Hibernian have never had our backs, in fact many times they have been as bad as the deid club from Govan.

In the early fifties Hibernian were behind a move to make Celtic stop flying the Irish National Flag at Celtic Park, but Celtic Chairman Bob Kelly stood his ground and refused point blank, ironically Rangers supported Celtic in their stance, the bulling didn’t work then, and it won’t work now.

Every Celtic supporter knows we haven’t had the best of starts to the season, failing to qualify for the Champions League was a major disappointment, and our performances domestically has been a bit below our normal high standard, but remember this, the treble treble is still on, we haven’t lost any of our trophies.

We know for a fact we won’t get a fair shout from the Scottish Media, “Celtic in Crisis” is their favourite headline, even yesterday when Sevco lost to Livingston, they wanted to talk about a non-story regarding Celtic. Kris Boyd spends every minute of the day trying to slander Celtic, it’s no wonder he can’t get a game at Kilmarnock, he obviously has no time for training with all the Celtic bashing, why Kris Commons is backing him I don’t know.

Talking about a fair shout from the media, it’s even worse with the match officials, Bobby Madden was a disgrace on Saturday against Aberdeen, and his brother John Beaton was just as bad at Perth on Wednesday night, throw in Andrew Dallas and Craig Thomson, and we are up against it, but the one thing we certainly don’t need is our own support joining in.

It’s time for everyone at Celtic to stay united, that means everyone, the Board, the Manager and his Staff, the Players, and most of all the Supporters. We have always been isolated in Scotland supporting Celtic, the vast majority of people in Scotland who follow football are anti-Celtic. We see the hatred at the Bigot Dome, but it’s almost as bad at Tynecastle and Kilmarnock, I’ve seen and heard the abuse at every ground we visit, with the exception of one or two clubs.

When Celtic Football Club asked questions in regards to illegal player registrations and tax avoidance schemes we received no backing, when they asked about fraudulent issuing of a licence to play in Europe by one club, we received no backing, when we asked for an dependent judicial review of Scottish Football and its governance, again we received no backing. When we asked for the rules to be applied fairly, and for honesty and integrity, the then SFA Chairman George Peat told us to Fxxk Off, again no backing.

The only way we will continue to dominate Scottish Football is by everyone connected to Celtic Football Club to channel all our energies into giving 100% backing to the team. We also need to continue to ask questions of those tasked with administering the rules, when they are clearly not being applied fairly.

There is still a lot to play for this season, we can get back to our brilliant best again, but we can only achieve that with all of us pulling in the same direction.
Our History make us Strong, their hatred makes us Stronger.

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