Has Stewart Milne grown a pair?

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Has Stewart Milne grown a pair?

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Wed Oct 10, 2018 12:00 pm

So has Stewart Milne actually found a moral compass? Or has he run out of houses to flog in the West of Scotland? We have been waiting on him saying something worthwhile for quite a few years now, so why has he decided to comment now?

Apparently Milne has written to both the SFA and the SPFL with concerns about refereeing decisions this season, he has asked for a meeting with all the stakeholders in Scottish Football, it’s a disgrace that he didn’t back a call for a meeting long before now.

When Peter Lawwell and Celtic Football Club called for an independent judicial review of Scottish Football, Milne refused to back the call, even though his own supporters backed the call, the same can be said of Mrs Budge at Hearts.

When the debacle of the League Cup Semi-Final surfaced, Milne and Budge were quick to complain that they and their supporters were being treated unfairly. When the ties were changed and Celtic were sent to Murrayfield the other three teams were very contented, the only team who got a worse deal was Celtic, but hey!! No outcry from the other three, Celtic tried for some justice, but that was denied because the other three were happy that Celtic were going to Tynecastle, Why were they happy? Because they think that is the best chance of Celtic losing the game.

When the biggest scandal to hit Scottish Football, the illegal contracts not disclosed to the Football Authorities by the Oldco Rangers, the both Aberdeen and Hearts were silent. When the SFA fraudulently awarded a licence to play in Europe to Sevco, again they were silent.

When EBT recipient Alex Mc Leish was appointed as Manager of the Scottish National Football Team, nobody said a word, Mc Leish apparently was give £1.7m in his role as Manager of the Deid Club, he was a very big part of persistent Cheating in Scottish Football, it is totally embarrassing that him and his accomplices continue to get a Get out of Jail free pass.

It is very clear that bullying and intimidation is working in Scottish Football, people who certainly know what’s going on are saying nothing, and it’s basically out of fear of retribution.

From a business point of view Milne has a serious problem, his company Stewart Milne Homes has been building house in the West of Scotland, in the places like Bishopton and Renfrew, not exactly a hotbed of Celtic minded people, in fact quite the opposite.

What he is calling for now from the SFA and SPFL, “Transparency and Integrity” we have been shouting from the roof tops for many years, and we got little or no support from any other club in Scotland.

Well this is the opportunity to try to set the record straight. Let’s have the Joint Review with an Independent Chairman. Let’s look at all the issues that has affected Scottish Football, and let’s look at the governance of the game, Regan is gone so we have a chance. Most important is, let’s get rid of the cheats in blazers. Let’s get rid of the Match Officials who are bringing the game down by either being totally incompetent, or worse still biased towards one club. It needs to be done, and it needs to be done now.

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