We shall prevail.

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We shall prevail.

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Mon Oct 22, 2018 12:32 pm

Another very good display and result on Saturday against Hibs, following on from the great victory against St Johnstone in Perth, we look more like the Champion’s of the last two seasons under Brendan and his staff.

I was quite impressed with Hibs and their tactics under Lenny, it wasn’t the usual flat back ten operated by most teams visiting Celtic Park, and they had a bit of a go, and gave me a bit of a sweat when they reduced the deficit to one goal twice, although we should have had the game sewn up by then.

I always loved Lenny’s passion during a game, he puts everything into it, and he shows his feeling when we were scoring goals. One thing I think Lenny got wrong was his post-match interview, he seemed to think Celtic got preferential treatment from the match official, I would have thought that Lenny knew very well which team gets preferential treatment from match officials in Scotland.

Does Lenny think that officials like Madden, Beaton, Thomson, and serial offender Dallas like to be party to Celtic winning football matches? I believe Dallas was at it again yesterday at Hamilton, well he is his father’s son, he would be very proud of him. I’ve said many times, you can’t be that bad naturally.

I’ll say it again, we are a “Stand Alone Club” in Scotland, the continuing shambles in Scottish Football proves that. We have two semi-finals of a national competition, and two of the teams are handed what amounts to a home tie, so much for being held at a neutral venue.

We have been getting shafted almost since our inception, certainly we have in my 60 odd years following Celtic. There has many examples of that, and there has been many examples of Oldco Rangers getting special treatment, and that continues to this day with the Newco Sevco.

They have pushed the same club myth, they have ignored the BLATANT CHEATING through the DOS and EBT schemes, they have turned a blind eye to the FRAUDULENT ISSUING OF A EUROPEAN LICENCE. And they continue to watch on as one club in Scottish Football gets decision on a weekly basis that defies all logic.

We have prevailed against it all for 130 years of Unbroken History, and we will continue to prevail for the next 130 years. All we have to do is stand united, from the top of the club to the bottom, we are all in it together.

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