Poppy Nutters at it again.

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Poppy Nutters at it again.

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Wed Nov 07, 2018 11:53 am

It’s that time of the year again when the “Poppy Nutters” take over social media by demanding that everyone, no matter their background should wear a poppy. Its starts on our television screens when every presenter and guest appear to wear one as part of their particular uniform.

It comes into sport as well, especially the much covered English Premier League, and this year again as if it’s normal procedure, we get the absolute nastiest abuse of one professional footballer in the EPL, James McClean, but there is a difference this year. While in normal years it would only be James who refused to wear the poppy, he’s been joined this year by Nemanja Matic.

Both James and Nemanja have very valid reasons for their decision not to wear a poppy, both their communities were attacked by forces out with their own communities, but both are being treated completely different, not only by the way it is reported in the media, but by the anti-Irish racism directed at James from some people at matches he plays in.

We at Celtic will have our own perfect storm this Sunday at Livingston. The game this year fall’s on Remembrance Sunday, and I would expect there will be a minutes silence observed before kick-off. I will say what I say every year. If you don’t want to take part for whatever reason, either stand outside, or in the concourse until it is over. Whatever you do, do not disrupt it in any way.

Everyone has the right to either wear or not wear a poppy, just as everyone has the right to hold a minutes silence, you don’t have to agree with it, but you should respect their right to do it. I also don’t think anyone should be shouting or singing where people should stick their poppy, that is the whole basis of the argument, Freedom has many coats to wear, and Freedom of Choice is just one of them.

In Brendan Rodgers first season we as a support were fantastic, the song’s we sung were inventive and inspiring, and while I would always support the right to sing political songs, I don’t think we can have chants like the one that has come into the last few games about “Orange Bxxxxxxxs”. That type of chanting is totally offensive and certainly divides our support, just as shouting about where people should shove their poppy.

I believe in the Call it Out movement, but it has to apply to everyone, we cannot accuse the Sevconians and Hearts supporters of Bigotry and Racism if we let ourselves down by some of the chanting and actions of our own supporters. We have won three awards for supporting our team, I don’t believe any other set of supporters has achieved that status.

The last few games have been fantastic, let’s hope that we can continue that form through to the end of the season. If we can continue then the Treble Treble is a realistic target. We have had 131 years of “Proud Unbroken History” here’s to the next 100 years of the same.

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