Andrew Dickson, another anti-Celtic journo !!!

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Andrew Dickson, another anti-Celtic journo !!!

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Mon Nov 26, 2018 11:57 am

I would have thought that in an industry that supposedly caters to all those with a vested interest, that one would need to be impartial, that doesn’t seem to be the case in Scotland when it comes to football reporters and commentators, and it would appear even Police Officers, I’ll come to that later.

I think I have said before I don’t know why footballers under a professional contract can be allowed to comment about another team, when he is not directly involved, right away you will have guessed I’m talking about Kris Boyd of Kilmarnock. Boyd obviously shows he is anything but impartial when consistently commenting on Celtic Football Club.

You could never accuse Barry Ferguson of being impartial either, when he was manager of Clyde he had a weekly newspaper column in which he only spoke about Sevco, what about the club who were paying his wages, should he not have been trying to drum up some support for his team who were struggling so much he had to resign. The bold Barry is now manager of Kelty Hearts of the Lowland League, says it all really.

That leads me to my main gripe, and that is football reporters and commentators. I give you Andrew Dickson, probably the most anti-Celtic football reporter working for a major television company covering football, Sky Sports, this guy cannot help himself, he has never had a good word to say about Celtic Football Club, or even anyone associated with Celtic FC.

Dickson worked for Oldco Rangers in their media department, (stop laughing at the back) he transferred over when Chuckles took over at Newco Sevco, he then went freelance, and does work for Sky. This guy has no shame, he doesn’t even try to hide his dislike for anything Celtic, and it’s bitter, very bitter. You can watch Sky with Gary Neville or Jamie Carragher, you know they were both very much enemies in their playing days, but they manage to be professional, and that’s one thing you cannot accuse Dickson of.

Dickson like his mate Ferguson are poodles of Jabba the Hutt Traynor, they are there to build up Steven Gerrard and all that he does, while undermining and trying to destabilise Celtic at every opportunity. Dickson is a Twitter Journalist (@mrandrewdickson), probably because he couldn’t find anyone daft enough to pay him to work as a proper journalist.

So we know what Dickson and Ferguson are, just like Derek Johnstone was, they are cheerleaders for Sevco, they are the pups of Traynor, and their job is to put out in the public domain anything that helps Sevco, and not to comment on the likes of the Glib and Shameless Liar’s spanking at the hands of Big Mike Ashley.

I suppose any Celtic minded person who purchases a Sky TV package should be asking the question of Sky? Why do you continue to give a platform to someone who is clearly not impartial, and who is indeed clearly biased in favour of Sevco FC over all the other teams, and who has a particular dislike, if not hatred of anything to do with Celtic FC.

One thing your man Dickson does is have a go at anyone with a connection to Celtic, take the latest attack on Neil Lennon at Tynecastle, Dickson reckoned Lenny should take responsibility for his own actions, that leads me nicely to my next point.

There is a story in the Daily Record today claiming that when we beat Sevco at Celtic Park in September, the cause of the disturbance in the section reserved for the away fans was all the fault of the Celtic players for doing a lap of honour. And who exactly made that claim? Well the article claim that it was a superintendent but some of the information was redacted. Another negative story meant to destabilise Celtic and our Support.

Should this superintendent, instead of inferring a lap of honour would be banned in future, be asking why the supporters involved were so enraged that they trampled all over their own disabled supporters at the front of them? Should he also be asking why they continue to act in a bigoted and racist manner in these Glasgow Derbies?

There is a long list of disruption at laps of Honour in Scotland, Rangers/Sevco has been involved in all of them, the common denominator is, they were the losing team on all the occasions. So maybe superintendent no-name should be asking why it is that their supporters, (and I use that term loosely) cannot except being beaten by a better team?

I would be interested to hear what the plan is to protect the 800 Celtic Supporters who will visit the Bigot Dome on December 29th. If Celtic take the tickets, I would expect our supporters to endure non-stop abuse for the entirety of the event, and I don’t expect too many arrests in the home sections of the stadium.

One of the apparent suggestions that came out of the post-match brief was that it was a mistake to keep the Sevco fans in after the game, I mean how can you expect their fans to continue to watch the Celtic Supporters singing and dancing after yet another victory? So will the Celtic players have to wait until the home fans have gone home before they can celebrate another victory with our supporters on December 29th?

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