Lack of Class .. Coming from Shinnie, that's a laugh !!

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Lack of Class .. Coming from Shinnie, that's a laugh !!

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Wed Dec 05, 2018 12:02 pm

Hypocrisy comes in many forms, and each of the forms have found a home at Aberdeen FC, how Derek McInnes and Graeme Shinnie continue to try to call out Scott Brown and Mikael Lustig while ignoring the behaviour of some of their own players is the personification of Hypocrisy.

Firstly let me say Aberdeen put in a decent effort on Sunday at Hampden, they were well organised and worked extremely hard to stifle the natural attacking flair of Celtic, and it worked well for a period at least. Once Ryan Christie put us ahead the game changed, Aberdeen came out a bit more and we should have scored at least a couple more goals, so it was more comfortable than the final score suggests.

Instead of the back pages of the rags just being full of Brendan and Celtic’s 7th consecutive trophy win, it was full of Jabba driven drivel about, a claim by Shinnie that Celtic players lacked class. Shinnie accused Broonie and Mika of bullying their young players, this is a guy who got booked 17 times last season, was the bookings for being a nice guy?

Let’s look at a couple of incidents. In the Scottish Cup Final of 2017, Kieron Tierney had his jaw broken by a horrendous elbow lunge by the then Aberdeen striker Jayden Stockley, I don’t remember any concerns from Shinnie, McInnes, or anyone else at Aberdeen. Then last season Scott Brown was at the centre of another horrendous challenge from Sam Cosgrove, and that was followed by the little coward Shay Logan volleying the ball at Broonie while he was on the ground, Logan then done the clever thing, he ran away.

And talking about lacking class, what about Logan at the final whistle on the last game of last season at Celtic Park? He tries to abuse the Celtic Support and Players, then tries to shift the blame away from himself. This is the same Logan who got a fellow professional suspended for 7 matches by accusing him of racism, while having absolutely no evidence whatsoever to support that claim.

Maybe Jabba’s tactics worked, instead of the papers being full of another shameless display by Bobby Madden and his accomplices, it was all about Celtic players lacking class. Well if anybody lacks class it’s Madden, I don’t know how many times I have to say it “a referee cannot by that Shxt naturally” Madden is a Bigot with a whistle, and he continues to get support from his supervisor John Fleming, let’s see what happens with Craig Levein, will it be the same as Stevie Clarke, or will he be admonished like Stevie Gerrard?

Sevco top of the league for the very first time, must be exciting for their gullible fans, oh how Dodgy Dave must love the focus being on them instead of him in court. But let them consider this, we had a poor start to the season by our own standards, we were drawn in a Europa league section with two very good teams. But if we win our game in hand we are back on top again, no matter how many Madden’s and Beaton’s, and Dallas’s they throw at us, we will still prevail.

I saw this earlier on and thought I would share it. Sevco being top of the league is a bit like an elephant being up a tree, nobody knows how it got there, but one thing is certain, it won’t be long until it’s down again.

Looking forward to another victory at Motherwell tonight, hope them poor wee frail defenders at Aberdeen don’t get terrorised at the Bigot Dome, you know the likes of Scott McKenna, Andrew Considine, not forgetting Shinnie and Logan.

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