Letter to Ian Maxwell No 3 ?

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Letter to Ian Maxwell No 3 ?

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Mon Feb 04, 2019 12:08 pm

Below is another letter i've today sent to Ian Maxwell, Mr Maxwell didn't cause all the cheating, but he's got a chance to stop it if he takes up the challenge.

Mr Maxwell,

Thank you for your response on the 26th of January. I also acknowledge that you emailed me on September 21st last year, and although I never received the email I have no reason to doubt that you indeed sent it and it is out there in cyberspace.

In your response you state that you cannot accept my assertion that some officials are showing bias and cheating, again I would not have expected you to agree with me, but I’m quite sure that the vast majority of Celtic Supporters would agree with me, and I suspect quite a number of supporters out with Rangers would also agree, as would a number of Managers.

While the SFA continue to shore up your outdated secret society handling of all aspects of Scottish Football, the ordinary everyday supporter will never trust you. I am tired of stating that, Honesty, Integrity, Transparency, and Accountability has to be bedrock of the whole organisation, that certainly is not the situation we find ourselves in at this time.

Without those basic principles the SFA is flawed, and some might call it something stronger than that. There has been plenty of instances over the years, which you are obviously not responsible for, but they are there just the same. I’m certain the Resolution 12 guys would love the opportunity to place their findings before you, I know they have indeed passed them to the SFA, but as I understand it they have not received a response.

There was also the scandal of the Five Way Agreement, which in my, and many others opinion was bordering on corrupt and therefore illegal. You have to ask yourself once again, if that agreement was for the betterment of all of Scottish Football, then why was it, and still is some Big Secret?

Since your summit in Perth on January 17th with the managers and officials, things seem to have changed, they have changed indeed, they’ve got Worse. This weekend was a prime example of two completely opposite ways of officiating at a football match, I’m sure you would have been watching the matches on the telly through the cracks in your fingers.

Let’s got to Ibrox first and the match refereed by the serial offender Andrew Dallas, son of another serial offender, his father Hugh. Mr Dallas awarded four penalties to Rangers, every commentator asked, concluded that only the first penalty was the correct decision. Those who gave an opinion include an ex Grade 1 referee Stephen Conroy, and two ex-professional player’s Michael Stewart and Steven Thompson, all agreed that only the first penalty was the correct decision.

In my opinion, and in the opinion of others, Andrew Dallas is not only a Cheat, he is an incompetent Cheat that can’t disguise his cheating as well as others can, maybe he should get lessons from John Beaton or Bobby Madden.

In yesterday’s match at Perth, when it came to awarding penalties, match official Willie Collum never awarded any. There were three instances when a penalty could have been awarded to Celtic, but Mr Collum in his very own arrogant way just dismissed them. It is strange indeed that since Rangers complained about Mr Collum he has not officiated at any of their games, if I’m wrong in that you can correct me. My opinion on Collum is that he is incompetent and arrogant, an opinion shared by some of best footballers in Europe.

It won’t matter in Scottish Football whether you have full time professional referees, or whether you can afford to introduce the best VAR system available, if it is still being operated by people who are incompetent, or worse still biased and less than honest, then it will not change one thing. What it will do, and has done to some extent, it will chase away honest supporters who only want a fair game for everyone.

I’m not sure if you have watched this film, but I suggest you spend some time doing so. It is a film by a Celtic Supporter called Paul Larkin, it is very well made, and even if only 50% of it is true you should be worried. Follow the link below.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-fH2-A ... 1g&index=7

Yours sincerely,
Joe O’Rourke,
General Secretary,
Celtic Supporters Association.

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