Tear up the Rule Book and start again.

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Tear up the Rule Book and start again.

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Mon Feb 11, 2019 11:50 am

Obviously the first thing you need to do to sort out a problem, is to admit that you have a problem in the first place. The SFA needs to take the blinkers off and admit that there are serious problems within Scottish Football in terms of officiating at matches.

There were a couple of instances in midweek that elite officials seemed to have missed, or maybe it was the case that they chose to see it differently from others. At last McGregor got cited by the Compliance Officer for a shocking straight leg lunge at young Ferguson at Aberdeen. The problem is, Referee Bobby Madden seemed to have a perfect view of the incident, so why didn’t he act immediately by showing McGregor a red card? Well we know that Bobby is firmly in the Blue Corner when he officiates.

The other incident occurred at Celtic Park when Hibernian defender Darnell Johnson crocked Emilio Izaguirre with a shocking tackle, again it could have caused serious damage to Izzy, but elite referee Craig Thomson deemed only a yellow card offence. Again Thomson clearly saw the incident, so if Clare Whyte thinks it merited a red card what happens to Thomson for his incompetence? Apparently nothing, cheats like him, Madden and Dallas just carry on as normal.

Sevco on Saturday received their sixth penalty award in a week, that’s just one less than Celtic were awarded in season 2002/3 for the whole season with a strike force of Larsson, Sutton and Hartson, and probably more than any other premier league team has been awarded so far this season. These Cheating Referees just carry-on with no regard for honesty, and the SFA are aiding and abetting them.

Ian Maxwell needs to get the clubs together and tear the rule book up and start again. The whole disciplinary system is a shambles that is being abused by officials who are less than honest. But as I said previously, he has to accept that some of the referees need kicked out, you can retrain an incompetent referee, and if they cannot grasp the rules and apply them honestly, then bin them. It’s completely different with Cheats, they need to be expelled from the Referees Authority. A Cheat will always be a Cheat, much the same as a Thief.

I don’t know what it will take for the other clubs and their supporters to come to their senses and demand change. It cannot be left to Celtic and Steve Clarke at Kilmarnock to demand answers, answers that are not forthcoming. Every team in Scotland with the exception of one are being Cheated, but yet again, is that were some of the problems arise from.

It’s “Operation Stop the Ten” now the beauty of this for the other clubs is that it doesn’t have to be Sevco who stops us winning title No 8, as the film says, “Anyone but Celtic”as long as Celtic fail the others have won, but none more so than Sevco. Their fans claim they are “Going for 55”I think they are right, but they are “Going for 55 Penalties in a Season” not titles, for Premier League Titles, they are” Going for 1 in a Row”

I look forward to Thursday Night and Valencia under the lights at Celtic Park. There was a lot of negativity during the transfer window, but I think we can all see now that Brendan has injected a lot more pace into our game with the addition of Oli Burke and Timo Weah. And JeremyToljan looks like a class defender, hopefully we will see Vakoun Bayo in the next couple of games. I am very optimistic for the rest of the season, we are all in it together. Glasgow’s Green and White.

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