8 points clear is great, we can do without the coin throwing.

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8 points clear is great, we can do without the coin throwing.

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Mon Feb 18, 2019 11:48 am

I’ve read a few times over the last year or so that Stevie Clarke will be the next Celtic Manager if and when Brendan decides to go, which hopefully is a few years away yet. I have nothing against Stevie, but his tactics against us would send you to sleep, I know we play a lot of passes along our back-line, but we don’t have our goalkeeper wasting time from kick-off.

Yesterday was a hard slog at Kilmarnock, I don’t care what anybody says, that artificial pitch looks terrible, and good players don’t like playing on those type of surfaces. For a start we have better players than killie and should be capable of beating them on any surface, but there has to be a distinct advantage if you train on that pitch all week.

I wonder if all the complaints about match officials is beginning to have an effect on decisions being made now. I would have to say there were not many decisions yesterday that Madden got wrong, in fact some would argue that Broonie got away with one with his yellow card, although the pundits on Sportscene seem to agree with that the yellow card was the correct decision.

The stadium itself at Kilmarnock leaves a lot to be desired, certainly once you get up into the stands, unless you are a wee skinny supporter you are not going to have a comfortable 90 minutes, then again, when do you get the chance to sit down at away matches now. The bonus is that it’s easy to get to, and easy to get away from.

It was a great three points for us, and added to results elsewhere on Saturday it increased our lead at the top of the league. The next few games are crucial to our objective of achieving the “Treble Treble”. In some ways the Valencia game on Thursday night is a distraction, and although I will always want to win every match, I believe concentrating on domestic trophies at this stage would be the right strategy.

Kilmarnock is probably the stadium we take the biggest number of supporters to, obviously based on the amount of tickets made available to our fans, but also based on the quality of the team and what we are achieving, it’s only a couple of seasons ago that we were only filling one stand, now it’s both stands that are full, and I saw plenty of people outside looking for tickets, so good for us, but also great for Kilmarnock, maybe they use some of that unearned wealth to upgrade to a proper grass pitch.

There was a downside to yesterday’s trip as well. Much as I disagree with Kris Boyd 99% of the time, nobody should be throwing a coin at him, if supporters want to give him some verbal’s then that’s fine as long as it isn’t extremely offensive. We cannot condone that action, and we cannot condone deliberate damage to seats either, and I’ve said on here often enough, pyrotechnics do nothing for the health of some of our elderly supporters. I understand that young fans see all this on the continent, and it might look good on the telly, but believe me, if you’re beside one being set off and have asthma you won’t appreciate it.

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