Forget Brendan Rodgers, and cut out the throwing coins and stuff.

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Joe O'Rourke
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Forget Brendan Rodgers, and cut out the throwing coins and stuff.

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Mon Mar 04, 2019 11:45 am

Like every other Celtic Supporters I was shocked when Brendan Rodgers decided to leave Celtic before achieving a historic Treble Treble. What was an even bigger shock was the destination, I mean, come on, “Leicester City”, not exactly a Box office Football Club, but then apparently he sees it as a stepping stone to a top six club, history doesn’t support that theory, I think only Mauricio Pochettino has moved to a top six club from a lower club in the premiership, namely, Southampton.

And much as I was angered by him leaving and taking half the backroom team with him, and especially the timing of his departure, I’m not going to start shouting abuse at him at every opportunity. We have lost Real Celtic men in the past, men like Stein, McNeill, Hay, and Burns, I did what we always do, I moved on. I remember Kenny Dalglish leaving for Liverpool, his first time back at Celtic was for Big Jock’s Testimonial game about a year after leaving, he got seriously booed by a large number of the Celtic support. Kenny had carried our team on his back for a couple of seasons, he was 26 years old and had just captained us to a double, thank God that has now changed and he’s revered amongst our support.

Now I’m not classing Rodgers with Kenny, Kenny was a magnificent player, but for two and a half seasons Brendan was a magnificent Manager. He gave us an Invincible Season, a Double Treble, 7 straight trophy wins, the League Cup in the bag, the team 8 points ahead in the League, and in the 1/4 Final of the Scottish Cup, and the Treble Treble a distinct possibility. My focus will now be on Neil Lennon and the team as they strive to achieve the Treble Treble. I thank Brendan Rodgers for his time at Celtic Football Club, and from now on I have no interest in what he achieves or what is more likely, what he doesn’t achieve.

I believe we should cut out the chants regarding Rodgers, I want to hear the Celtic Supporters backing our team in a positive manner, don’t waste our energy on negative stuff, that’s what the Scottish Media and our enemies do, let the Celtic Players hear us urging them on, they are the people who can deliver the trophies, and they are the ones who deserve our support by chanting their names. Brendan Rodgers is gone, what he does now in football can have no effect on our fortunes, he hasn’t done a Judas Johnston and went to one of our competitors, what he did was bad enough. But let’s be Better, not Bitter.

I also have to say once again, we need to stop the pyrotechnics, someone is going to get seriously injured, and it’s just not worth it. And whoever the clowns are who think it’s a good idea to be throwing coins or any other object onto the pitch, try engaging your brain, that’s if you have one. The only outcome if this continues is more serious repercussions for our team and our supporters. The Sottish Government will try to take control, and we all know how that went with the OBA.

We have hopefully got 12 more matches to complete the season. This is when we all need to be together on the same page. The team is paramount, the players need to know they can depend on us to give them the backing they deserve and need to get us over the line. There is still a lot to play for and to achieve, if we are united we can achieve the Treble Treble.

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