The SFA and SPL sleepwalked into this crisis, We need to sort ourselves out.

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The SFA and SPL sleepwalked into this crisis, We need to sort ourselves out.

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Mon Mar 11, 2019 11:56 am

Now that the unacceptable behaviour of a small majority of clowns at football matches has just escalated with the assault on Jack Grealish of Aston Villa, everybody and their cousin within the Scottish Media and Scottish Football Authorities has got an opinion, maybe if the same people had spoken out or acted a few years ago it wouldn’t have reached this stage.

Before we go any further let’s get one point clear. Sectarianism isn’t just football’s problem, it’s the problem of society. Bigotry is learned in the homes, not at football stadia, and certainly not at the schools I attended. It’s the same with domestic violence after certain games, a bampot that beats his wife is a wifebeater first and foremost.

But let’s get back to recent events. The idiot who attacked James Tavernier will be regretting it right now, because the drugs or alcohol will have worn off. Exactly the same with the idiot at Birmingham who attacked Grealish, I think you can say with a degree of certainty he is looking at a custodial sentence, and rightly so, he only has himself to blame.

The clown who threw the bottle at Scott Sinclair seems to have got away with it because the CCTV footage didn’t capture the incident, and it appeared that the combined forces of Stewards and Police were not interested in catching the culprit. But this type of behaviour didn’t start this season, it’s been going on for ages, it’s just that nobody in authority seemed interested.

We can go back to the Bombs and Bullet’s sent to Neil Lennon, we can go back to John Wilson who physically attacked Lenny on the touchline doing his job at Tynecastle. We can also go back to the scumbag who went on the park at the Bigot Dome and tried to assault our Captain Scott Brown. The coins and golf ball and batteries thrown at several Celtic Players at the same venue. Did we hear any apology from Sevco? Did we hear any condemnation from Regan or Doncaster? Did we hear Leckie of Jackson up in arms and writing lots of copy about tackling the problem? The answer to all the questions is a resounding “No”!!!!! Move along Timmy, nothing to see here.

What can we as Celtic Supporters do to avoid the possibility of more Government interference? The last thing we need or want is a new version of the “Offensive Behaviour at Football Act” or the very real threat of “Strict Liability” so we must make sure that our behaviour falls into the acceptable bracket, and that must be by our own choice.

I said last week and I’m saying it again. Stop throwing objects onto the football pitch. Stop the pyrotechnics, this is going to end up with someone getting seriously injured, or suffering breathing problems. And if there is deliberate damage being caused, then that needs to Stop as well, if for no other reason than, it makes no sense, and we as a club have to pay for the damage.

The subject of singing is more complex, I would always defend Republican Songs, because they are political songs. But not everyone sees it that way, Procurator Fiscals in several areas in Scotland have deemed certain Republican Songs as being offensive, and subject to arrest. I would say to our Supporters, don’t indulge in signing any songs, or chants, that can get you arrested. We have a large repertoire of songs that cannot be objected to, let’s use it.

Back to football. It was disappointing not to win on Saturday, Aberdeen came with a plan not to get beat, they seemed to be playing a 6-3-1 formation to deny us any space on the flanks, I suppose it worked to a certain extent. The reality is, we are still eights point clear, with a game less to play. So let’s just get title No 8 over the line, and hopefully complete another Treble.

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