police & Stewards cannot Bully their way out of every situation.

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police & Stewards cannot Bully their way out of every situation.

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Mon Mar 18, 2019 1:11 pm

Dundee Police have not had a good name with the Celtic Supporters for over 50 years, all stemming from when a Celtic Supporter died in the cells at the police station in Dundee, there was a very strong suggestion that the death was due to the supporter being assaulted while in custody.

Yesterday in Dundee there seemed to be a larger than normal police presence, the same could be said of the Dundee FC Stewards. In my opinion that is a red rag to a bull policy by Police Scotland, when the supporters don’t trust you to act reasonably, the last thing you need is overly aggressive actions by the Police.

It also seems to be the younger element of our support that is targeted, I know some of the kids can be a bit exuberant, and have had a wee drink, but bullying and aggressiveness is not going to work, you need to try to interact with these young Bhoys, or they will end up hating all police for the rest of their lives.

If someone commits a crime it’s up to the police to enforce the law, but the police cannot start throwing punches at young kids, they cannot throw punches at anyone, but it’s the young supporters who get the brunt of it, and that must stop immediately.

I have said on here many times that the CSA does not condone the use of pyrotechnics, if for no other reason than it is harmful to our own supporters, especially those with breathing difficulties. We don’t condone deliberate damage to seats or any other facilities. All we ask is that our supporters give the team the best backing they can, as they have always done.

There seemed to be a few incidents yesterday, one looked like a total farce when an Irish National Flag was pulled down by stewards who then ran away with it. There is absolutely nothing offensive about the National Flag of Ireland, so it’s hard to understand the actions of the steward, unless he was a Racist and doesn’t like Ireland or the Irish. As far as I know the owner got the flag back, so it begs the question, why take it in the first place?

There was also at least one serious incident outside which I don’t know the details of, but there was a certainly a large police presence attending, as well as several stewards. The actions of some police officers leaves a lot to be desired, I think a lot of the people joining the Police now do so because they cannot get a job anywhere else, there certainly is a complete lack of courtesy and common sense from a lot of them.

I have been following Celtic for over sixty years, I’m 68 years old and can walk down any street in Scotland without getting a second look from any copper, but once I put on my Celtic scarf and jacket I somehow become a threat to society.

The Match Commanders at our away matches need to inform their officers that they are public servants there to uphold the law, they are not there to bully young supporters, they are certainly not there to administer summary justice as they see fit. It needs to stop now.

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