It was all Big Bad Broony's fault.

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It was all Big Bad Broony's fault.

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Mon Apr 01, 2019 12:07 pm

It comes as no surprise to see and read that all the trouble yesterday was caused by Big Bad Scott Brown, Broony has been physically attacked by three different Sevco players, but it’s his fault, a bit like his Boss Lenny, when he was getting bombs and bullets sent to him, and when he was attacked by the Scumbag John Wilson at Tynecastle while just doing his job, the media told us he brings it on himself.

I was surprised by the terminology used by Graham Spiers, one of the few Scottish journalists I have respect for, I won’t repeat his comments regarding Broony, suffice to say, he wouldn’t say it to Broony’s face. We come to expect it from hacks like Bill Leckie, Michael Gannon, and Keith Jackson, but not Spiers, who I would say is a decent guy.

The problem with all the bleating about Scott Brown apparently goading Sevco players, did any of the same journo’s complain when that nobody Scott Arfield did the goading to Broony at the Bigot Dome in December. And just exactly was the great crime from Broony when Ryan Kent threw a straight left hand punch at him after Jamsie Forrest had scored the winner?

And talking about the punch from Kent, did Bobby Madden not see it? It looked as if he had a clear view of it, and if he did, why no red card? And if he didn’t there was no excuse for the fourth official Kevin Clancy, or the stand side linesman, who I believe was David McGeachie, they both had a clear view of the punch, I was a further 50 yards away and I saw it very clearly, let’s see what comes from the Compliance Officer today.

All in all it was a satisfactory afternoon at the Home of the Champions. It was a brilliant opening half hour, when we could have 3 or 4 goals ahead, but when the Muppet Morelos got himself red carded, we seemed to stand off them. The second half was not pretty either, it looked as if we thought the game was over and we were just playing out time, which nearly backfired on us, thankfully we managed to settle ourselves and Jamsie got the well-deserved winner.

There seems to be an extra tension about the Glasgow Derby since that clown Dodgy Dave cut our allocation. It is never a pleasant experience playing against Sevco, they bring so much bile with them that you just want to get the victory and everybody get home safe. According to reports three Celtic Fans were stabbed in Glasgow City Centre after the game, so they certainly didn’t get home safe, hopefully all three will recover without any long term effects.

Wednesday night brings a different pressure to us in our quest to clinch 8 in a row. St Mirren are fighting to avoid relegation, they are a wounded animal and will give it their all. Get the victory on Wednesday night, and again on Saturday versus Livingston and I think the league will be over. It will be 8 in a row, we can then concentrate on trying to achieve the remarkable achievement of a Treble Treble, here’s hoping.

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