We all need to get behind Lenny. We are Celtic Football Club.

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We all need to get behind Lenny. We are Celtic Football Club.

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Mon May 27, 2019 12:23 pm

I watched St Mirren players and management running around celebrating staying in the SPL, I think that’s a bit embarrassing celebrating not getting relegated, I understand the supporters celebrating their team managing to stay in the top tier, but the players, or at least some of them should be looking in a mirror.

That leads me to some of our own supporters, we have just won a Historic Treble Treble, and some are moaning about the appointment of Neil Lennon, and that is the cheap option, some of the comments have been astonishing, one so-called supporter stated he was sorry he’s renewed his season ticket, my advice would be, take it back and maybe a real supporter will buy it, I really wonder if these guys really are genuine supporters, or just professional moaners.

I’ve been following Celtic Football Club since I was able to walk, I was 14 years old when I watched us lifting the Scottish Cup against Dunfermline in 1965, and since then we have had some bad times, none more so than when we allowed the Old Club Rangers to equal 9 in a row. But we have had more good times than bad, and for that I am extremely grateful to all the great players and managers we have had.

Some people are questioning the appointment of Lenny immediately after he has just completed the Trinity. Did the same people follow Celtic when we had Liam Brady, or Lou Macari, or dare I say it, John Barnes, do they remember when we were signing Carl Muggleton and Wayne Biggins, nothing will ever be that bad again. We have just won “9 TROPHIES IN A ROW” and the first person on the radio after the match was moaning, obviously from the comfort of his armchair, I was listening to it on the bus stuck in traffic on Aitkenhead Road.

As I said, I’ve followed Celtic all my life, it didn’t matter who the Manager was, like all supporters I want the best available, do people really think guys like Mourinho and Benitez are going to come to Celtic? Jose was on a million a month at Manchester United, Rafa is apparently on £7 million a year at Newcastle, and that’s not counting their back room team, if you’re spending £15 million a year on management you’re not spending it on players.

Remember Lenny first time around, he won 3 out of 4 League titles, but more importantly he brought some great players to Celtic, the likes of Virgil van Dijk, Joe Ledley, Victor Wanyama, and Gary Hooper. He took us to the last 16 of the Champions League twice, and I believe he will be a better Manager this time round given the correct backing.

I moan all the time about all the negative publicity we get from the Scottish Media, they try at every opportunity to put Celtic down and promote our enemies, but it’s ten times worse if the negativity is coming from inside our own support, do we not have enough enemies without adding to the number? The only way we have succeeded through all these years of Unbroken History, is by standing together, every part of our club must unite behind Lenny to give him the best chance of continuing our success. At least give him a chance to continue, don’t knock the guy down before the first ball has been kicked.

We are Glasgow Celtic. Glasgow’s Green & White. Ten with Len.

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