If Magners did Flag Day's.

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If Magners did Flag Day's.

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Mon Aug 05, 2019 11:51 am

Well that has to be the best Flag Day ever for the Famous Glasgow Celtic, everything went fantastically well, not least of all inflicting a 7-0 defeat on St Johnstone. It was also wonderful to see Liz McNeil and Sadie Chalmers unfurl the League Flag, Billy and Stevie would have been looking down with a Big Smile on their faces.

I remember talking to Brendan Rodgers at the Funeral of Big Billy, he moaned about not signing John McGinn, I told him at the time, if we had signed McGinn, Ryan Christie would be at Aberdeen or Hibernian, would any Celtic supporter swap Ryan for McGinn now? I think there was a place for John McGinn, but certainly not at the expense of Ryan Christie, probably seen as a replacement for Scott Brown when he gets fed up winning League’s and Treble’s.

The joy on the faces of the Celtic Supporters on Saturday was there for all to see. The kids were smiling from ear to ear, and so were the Grandad’s and Grannies. There is no better place in the World to watch football than Celtic Park, just ask any of the famous players who have played there. Contrast that scene to the following day at Kilmarnock, the disabled section demolished, and a 90 minute Bigot Fest, the eyes of the World is watching, but will the pygmies at the SPFL/SFA do anything about it? Not a chance!!!!!

Ian Maxwell has now had more than a year as Chief Executive of the SFA, I cannot remember one thing that he has done that would count as an achievement. It would appear that Maxwell is not a step-up in class from Stewart Regan. This is his chance to stamp his authority on the game in Scotland, will he take the chance? My money is on No, like his predecessor and the Board, they are manipulated by a team that has only been in existence since 2012. It’s not a new concept, look at the history of Scottish Football, you’ll find it has always been that way. Time to Stand Up and Oppose it.

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