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Postby John Andrews » Fri Nov 01, 2019 1:10 pm

1/. Information for Celtic fans in Rome next week:
The Scots college in Rome @ScotsCollegeIT extend an invitation to all Celtic supporters, wishing to join them in celebrating mass, at the Church of St Ignacio next Thursday morning7th Nov at 9:00am.

2/ An invitation has also been extended to the officials of @CelticFC to join us at the mass.
On the week of the 132nd anniversary of the formation of @CelticFC, in St Mary's Calton, it would be great to see as many fans as possible come together in Rome to celebrate mass.

3/ The mass has been organised in response to a number of requests from individual fans visiting Rome next week.
This is a great opportunity for fans to come together, as a community, in a very special way.
Thanks must go to @ScotsCollegeIT for organising this mass.
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