Must be hard being a Sevco Hack.

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Must be hard being a Sevco Hack.

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Mon Jun 01, 2020 1:42 pm

It must be quite difficult being a sports reporter on one of the rags in Scotland in these days of Celtic Football Club Dominance. The majority of reporters have an allegiance to one team in Scotland, and that team is not Celtic. That basically means there are very few positive aspects reporting of Sevco, so they have to try to create stories, and we’ve seen a few over the last couple of months.

The normal way they create a positive story is to roll out some ex player to extol the merits of Stevie Gerrard, and why he is the right man to bring success to the New Club, the problem is, he’s had two seasons and won nothing, but that doesn’t stop them trying.

Another problem they have is trying to find ex-players to talk about an asterisk against our 9th Title win, when quite a number of them were party to cheating on a grand scale during their time at Oldco. A lot of people would have heard Frank the caller on Superscoreboard (I refuse to listen to it) taking Alex Rae apart over the EBT years, very uncomfortable for “EBT Alex”.

So what they are doing now is rolling out guys who were not involved in the unlawful DOC/EBT Schemes, and they have found a couple of comics. Gareth McAuley, most people’s first response was Gareth who? But there was even better to come, I give you that great Scottish Football Expert Sven-Goran Eriksson, who was probably most famous for one thing, and it had nothing to do with football.

McAuley was spouting about an asterisk against our 9th Title, but he also stated that our first four were tainted because Cheating Newco were not in the SPL, well if you let your Club Die, you have to start again from the bottom, and that is where you need to test yourself against the teams in League’s above you.

From their inception in 2012 they have struggled, even in their very first season. In 2012/13they drew 8 and lost 3 playing in the bottom tier, that is actually a disgraceful record. They won one two-bob cup in four seasons out of the SPL, surely if you’re a Big Team that’s where you prove it, but not Sevco, even though they still had the second biggest wage bill in Scottish Football.

But it got better when the eventually got in with the real Big Bhoy’s in 2016. Since then Celtic have won “ELEVEN TROPHIES” in a Row, and that could be Twelve in a Row before too long. So I can understand how hard a job the Scottish Football Hacks have, being positive about Sevco. The great “Stevie G” has been the Manager over the worst Team in their short history, while over at the Home of the Champions, the Trophy Room is packed to the rafters, and not a bike in sight.

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