Is Football more important than Health or Education?

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Joe O'Rourke
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Is Football more important than Health or Education?

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Mon Aug 17, 2020 12:17 pm

As I said last week, it’s worrying when people start to make decisions about football when they are not directly involved in the game. Boli Bolingoli made a huge mistake, he has been punished by the Club, and his future with Celtic kooks doubtful at best. Everyone knows he broke the rules, it was him that broke the rules, not the Club, not the rest of the Players, not the Supporters, or not any other Team, surely that is simple, everyone at a Club cannot be held accountable for one individual.

I don’t know why Nicola Sturgeon or Jason Leitch took the decision they did, or did they? They claim the decision was taken at a football level, and the football authorities claim it was a decision by the Scottish Government. Someone is telling lies, which is not unusual in football or politics. I hope the decision wasn’t taken because of the Club involved, because that could really backfire.

What is really annoying is, if it was a decision taken by Sturgeon and Leitch, it makes them look as if the care more about football than Health or Childrens education. After all, with the exam results shambles, and the crisis in health care, the Ministers in charge of those departments seem to be able to act with impunity. Should those areas of Scottish Society not be more important than Football.

Ian Maxwell and Neil Doncaster have now found a voice. We have hardly heard a word since the court case with Hearts and Thistle, not the want to punish Celtic and Aberdeen retrospectively, Celtic and Aberdeen need to defend themselves robustly, I have seen a few pictures staff from other clubs apparently breaching protocols, no action necessary by the looks of it.

If we can look at the football itself for a change, maybe it’s time Maxwell and Doncaster did something about the teams who continue to use artificial surfaces in the Premier League. The surfaces at Kilmarnock and Livingston are a disgrace, and Hamilton is not much better. I still think we should be capable of beating those teams at their grounds, but it is definitely a leveller, you would not get away with it in any other sport. Is it any wonder that those three clubs struggle to get supporters in the gates, the football they offer up is dire!! And their pitches compound that.

Scotland wants to be appreciated for what it brings to football, but look at England, artificial pitches would not be tolerated there, I accept there is a lot more money involved, but would the top players in England gamble with their career playing on artificial surfaces? Would teams be paying massive fees for players, and massive wages, then let them perform on pitches that could put their future in jeopardy? No chance !!!!!

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