Wednesday night was hard to take. no room for politics in Football.

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Wednesday night was hard to take. no room for politics in Football.

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Fri Aug 28, 2020 12:14 pm

To describe Wednesday night as painful would be an understatement, but being a Celtic Supporter I am used to disappointing results. There is no doubt we should have won, we had a perfectly good goal disallowed, and had good chances, but the reality is we didn’t win, and that hurts.

I really don’t know why we continue to lose to mediocre teams in Europe. We have beaten in the past the cream of European Football, teams like Barcelona, Juventus, and Liverpool, Celtic Park was once a Fortress, sadly no more, average teams are now happy to come to Celtic, that needs to change, and change quickly.

With Odsonne declaring himself unfit to play, and without Griff, Lenny had a decision to make. Albian Ajeti in not match fit, he’s hardly played in the last 18 months. Polish Paddy should be fit enough, even though he hasn’t played that much, but Lenny decided to go with Ryan Christie. That was a straight team selection decision, and should still have given us the opportunity to win. It’s not as if Ryan hasn’t been scoring goals for us.

It obviously didn’t work, and I believe Lenny should have changed the team sooner, but he didn’t and it’s gone now. I was as mad and disappointed as any supporter on Wednesday Night, but it’s over with, we move on, and put all our energies into achieving what was our main target for this season. Winning “Ten in a Row” is every supporter’s goal, that’s what we need to concentrate on now. I don’t want to belittle what happened on Wednesday Night, it was sore, but we can’t let it hold us back.

Another worrying aspect of that defeat was Lenny stating that some players want to leave (I don’t need to name them, I think we all know who he is talking about). I have always been of the mind that, “If they are not for you, they are against you, so get them out” but is has to be done in stages, you can’t get rid of 4/5 first pick players in one go, that would be madness, so it could take a few weeks to sort out. But sort it out we must.

I always believed that Football decisions should be taken by Football People, so the decision by Nicola Sturgeon and her Government to deny us the opportunity to have some supporters in the stadium this Sunday has left a bad taste in my mouth. That decision was a Political decision, no two ways about it. It was a decision taken to retain votes, it had absolutely nothing to do with Football’s Health and Safety.

That’s the second time Sturgeon and her colleagues have interfered in Football with regards to Celtic, and both times not surprisingly those decisions were not in Celtic’s favour. The SNP Government cannot make decisions based on how it could affect an Independence Vote, or how it will be reacted to on Social Media, but that’s exactly what has happened. The internet was buzzing with Sevconians venting their anger at the very thought of Celtic being allowed supporters at a match before them. I think Nicola is confused about where her Independence votes will come from. I think she will find a lot more Union Flegs at Ibrox than Saltires.

Let me finish by saying that the above comments are not meant to be political, how people vote is there choice, I have no interest in trying influence anyone in that respect.

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