100% commitment is all we ask !!!

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100% commitment is all we ask !!!

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Mon Oct 19, 2020 12:35 pm

will succeed. To say Saturday was a disappointment would be an understatement. It was not so much the defeat, as the manner of the defeat, no shots on target in ninety minutes is not acceptable for any team in any League, if you don’t have shots on target you “Cannot Score Goals”. We have had four shots on target in our last three matches against Sarajevo, St Johnstone, and Sevco, resulting in three goals, two very late goals versus the Saints, and Odsonne versus Sarajevo, not good enough, and totally unacceptable for any \Celtic Team.

We were missing a few players because of the pandemic, but we should still have been strong enough to win, or at worst avoid defeat. There are no excuses for Saturday, but I certainly find the rules around the pandemic baffling. We lost Ryan Christie because of his close contact with Stuart Armstrong, ok that’s fair enough if it’s the same for everyone, but we find out that the player who actually tested positive was available for selection on Saturday, as was Kieron Tierney, but Ryan wasn’t, how can that be justified? A decision apparently taken by Lothian Health Board, why is the no national rule for every professional team? But let me reiterate, no excuses.

I’m not going to jump on the bandwagon and slaughter Lenny. I supported him from the start, and will continue to support him 100% while he is Celtic Manager. My thoughts are this though, it certainly looks like a couple of players are not giving 100% on the pitch, I’m not going to name who I think falls into that category, but I can say with certainty, if Lenny and his staff believe that, then get those players (if any) out of the squad with immediate effect, we must have a squad of players 100% committed to winning every domestic trophy available to us this season. I don’t care who it is, or what their value is, no amount of money can compensate for losing Ten in a Row.

Saturday is gone now, we must move on. We have another big game on Thursday night against AC Milan, but make no mistake, our next two domestic games against Aberdeen are far more important than any Europa League match. We have not lost anything up until now, but we cannot afford to give our rivals a head start on us.

We knew from the start this season would be our hardest, it’s been proved in the past by us and by the old Rangers that it is a massive challenge to win Ten in a Row. We don’t have any friends, we are in it ourselves. I have no complaints about John Beaton on Saturday, well apart from allowing Morelos off with a couple of incidents, but I still don’t trust any of them. If we are going to achieve our goal, we must stick together. That means from the very top, right down to us the supporters. We must “Believe” we can do it, and as long as everyone gives 100% I will be happy, and I believe we will succeed.

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