Celtic Fans and "John From Ibrox."

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Celtic Fans and "John From Ibrox."

Postby franton » Wed Feb 18, 2015 11:11 am

Celtic Fans and "John From Ibrox."

A person called "John From Ibrox" phoned the Radio Clyde "Superscoreboard" phone-in on Tuesday 17.2.2015 and made the point that Celtic Fans were responsible for the recent cancellation of the Dead Entity's so called AGM at two prestigious London Hotels. They did this he said by posting online videos of Dead Entity fans' violence and unruly behaviour in Manchester and elsewhere at other times. This he said caused the Management of these two hotels to cancel their hospitality to the Dead Entity's followers, leaving them nowhere to go for their AGM, except back to Ibrox.
He said this before then going on to make a disparaging remark about the intelligence of Celtic Fans.
Then he went on to make his main point; something about Dead Entity and their finances, I think. But his disparaging remarks were not picked up or challenged by the shows hosts or compere.
Now that was unusual, because almost always they are very quick to point out to the caller the kind of language they are entitled to use on the show and the kind of things you can and can and cannot say about other people. But in this case they let it slip. That was until a few calls later a Celtic fan phoned to object to those comments.
This obviously genuine Celtic Fan made the point that "John From Ibrox", who was a regular caller, always first makes a disparaging remarks about Celtic fans, before going on to make his other point.
Mr. Delahunt, the show's compere though, was quick to defend himself by dismissing Ibrox John's remarks as being trite and by stating that he himself "Had A Life", as an excuse for the disparaging remarks going unchallenged. He thereby inferred that John's remarks were insignificant. But the point the Celtic fan caller was making was that it was Ibrox John's conduct on the show which had been unacceptable and it had not been challenged, as was normal on the show.
And so "John From Ibrox", over a period of time, was able to subtly build a false picture in listeners minds of Celtic fans being constantly at odds with Dead Entity's Fans or Supporters and thereby promote the myth of "Old Firm" rivalry, which is in fact a euphamism for the toleration and oversight of the unruly nature of the supporters of what used to be "Glasgow Rangers" on the back of the recognised and renouned good behaviour of genuine Celtic supporters the world over.
So good on the Celtic fan, who also said that the show should return to talking about footballing matters and forget all the talk of financial affairs and that there would be sixty two thousand fans at Celtic Park cheering on their team against Inter Milan on Thursday evening. Hail! Hail!

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