Gerrard is going to need a Bigger Bus !!

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Gerrard is going to need a Bigger Bus !!

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Mon Feb 17, 2020 12:28 pm

It’s been another good weekend, in fact it’s been a really good return to football since the winter break for all of us at Celtic Football Club, well on the football pitch anyway, off pitch it’s a different matter. Let’s just mention the Sky translation chaos, I’m assuming Celtic got commitments from Sky that things would change, John Hartson for Boyd is a decent start, but I think Peter Lawwell has fired a shot across the bow of all those in the media who comment on Celtic FC, I think they better heed the warning.

I don’t like commenting on anything Stevie Gerrard says, or rather, I don’t like commenting on anything Jabba the Hutt tells Stevie Gerrard to say. But if every time he gets something wrong, or games don’t go exactly to plan, he throws either his players or the officials under the bus, he’s going to need a Bigger Bus. Yesterday was another example, this time it was the match officials, denied a stonewall penalty according to Slippy G, no mention of the match official at Hamilton recently who denied the home team a stonewall penalty, or the four dodgy penalties awarded in the same game by Andrew Dallas last season.

It is an absolute fact that Sevco get more dodgy decisions from the match officials than any other team in Scotland. It is also a fact that you cannot win trophies without a football management plan, and a squad of good footballers. The Oldco managed to be reasonably successful over a number of years, but you could put the reason for that down to Blatant Cheating by the club itself, and Blatant Cheating by the match officials, a combination that was almost impossible to beat.

But never mind them, let’s talk about Celtic at Pittodrie yesterday, that is exactly the kind of result that wins titles. The conditions were terrible for playing our type of fast passing attacking football, it certainly suited the type of football Mc Innes like to play, with the ball up in the air most of time for his big central defenders to attack at set pieces. You need an Air Traffic Controller, not a referee. Having said that, that’s probably the best Aberdeen have played against us for a long time, so they will be disappointed with the result.

Something that continues to baffle me, if Aberdeen keep moaning about our superior financial clout, why do they continue to toss money away by reducing our ticket allocation? I know they recoup some by increasing ticket prices, but they are throwing away serious money with all the empty seats at the stadium. It begs the question, why are their supporters not going to back their team?

The real sad point for our support is, that people who go to every game home and away are denied the opportunity because of the ticket allocation. Celtic Football Club derives the majority of our income through our supporters, it would be financial suicide to reduce the number of seats available to our supporters. Why doesn’t Aberdeen relocate their supporters to other areas of the ground when Celtic are there? The top tier of the big stand behind the goal was at best 20% full, in fact, none of the three stands they occupy themselves were full, or even close to full. Absolute Financial Madness.

The bottom line is this, we are still 10 points clear with a game more played. Ignore what any other team is doing, win our own matches and the title is ours.
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