Pulling the Wool Over Your Eyes?

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Pulling the Wool Over Your Eyes?

Postby franton » Sat Oct 03, 2015 12:45 am

Plot or Blunder, It's All The Same. We Were Cheated.

Tom English's biased B.B.C. Scotland commentary (which I read it on the B.B.C. website) on the events which unfolded during the William Hill Scottish Cup semi-final between Celtic and Inverness, does nothing to allay the fears of the Celtic Supporters that there is indeed a conspiracy against them on and or off the field of play in Scotland.

That he should come down so unfavourably heavily on the opposite side to the side of the victim in this case i.e. Celtic and their supporters, while also criticising Inverness, tells you just about all you need to know about the preconceived notions he harbours before he even begins to put his pen to paper, as it were.

It is almost as if his moment to let go the frustration on his part had arrived; that Celtic and their supporters should have the temerity, to even question the failure of all the highly paid, trained and experienced S.F.A. match officials, to award a glaringly obvious penalty decision that they all peculiarly and unanimously failed to spot. He should know that the right to question and appeal any sporting decision, is a universal sporting principle, without which, there can be no credible integrity in sport whatsoever.

To suggest that Celtic supporters have no right to be disgruntled about the effect of that non-decision on the outcome of the match and that we should all be "Quietly Accepting" of such decisions, which is what he is asking us to do, is about as impertinent and compatible with telling us to keep quiet when we know we are being cheated! He knows Celtic were cheated; but he refuses to recognise it for what it is - cheating and blatant cheating at that!

Celtic were cheated! Josh Meekings deliberately handled the ball and prevented a goal. Had there been a penalty awarded and Inverness been duly reduced to ten men, then Celtic would almost infalliably have gone on to win the match comfortably and just as likely, the prized Scottish Domestic Treble as well!

And so, it is obvious to the Celtic fans Mr. English, that there is indeed a media conspiracy against us. You yourself have just proven that there is by asking us to deny it! Perhaps in future you could use your elevated position within the B.B.C. and Scottish Media Circles to point out error where it duly arises; instead of coming away with the same old tired line and lie, that the Celtic Fans think there is a conspiacy against them. We already know that there is!

Mr. English also criticises Celtic for complaining about the S.F.A. "Alesander Tonev Racist" verdict. Celtic, he supposes should quietly accept that verdict because it was reached on a "Balance Of Probabilities", which was the agreed justice sytem.

But anyone who knows anything about Probability knows you require much more than the bare minimum number of chances to reach a conclusion based on probability. Using the logic which the S.F.A. used to reach their verdict; if you tossed a coin twice and it landed Heads both times, you would conclude from that, that if you toss a coin, then it will always come down Heads. It is a piece of Cockeyed logic and therefore the verdict which they reached, must be also!

But this is precisely the same logic which Mr. English himself uses, to accuse Celtic of "Hypocricy". He cites Celtic for failing to criticise the award of a penalty against Hearts and also for asking the match officials to clarify the semi-final penalty non award. Two randomly chosen unrelated events, from which Mr. English deduces his conclusion of "Celtic Hypocricy".

The phrase " 'Lets Not Rule Out A Conspiracy' ", which Mr. English uses, seems to be his own phrase; as I do not see it being attributed to any others.

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