Empty seats means empty bank accounts !!

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Empty seats means empty bank accounts !!

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Mon Dec 17, 2018 12:12 pm

I’ve spent better Sunday afternoons than yesterday at Easter Road, we were pretty poor and didn’t deserve anything out of the game, another ordinary team hustled us out of our own game plan with just sheer hard work, and it cost me in excess of £40 for the pleasure.

I just didn’t understand the decision to greatly reduce our ticket allocation, for a team like Hib’s who continually moan about the turnover of Celtic FC, and the use of our financial dominance to continue to dominate Scottish Football.

There has been much talk of the need for the introduction of VAR, mostly because our match officials keep making a pig’s ear of the handling of matches. The opposition to the introduction is mostly regarding the cost of the introduction of the system, apparently the only team that could afford it, is the most successful team in Scottish Football history, Celtic FC.

So it makes you wonder why they decided to deny themselves somewhere in the region of £45,000, because that’s exactly what they did yesterday by cutting the allocation, so if they do the same to Sevco for their two matches, that’s somewhere north of £180,000 lost, can Hib’s really afford that kind of loss?

It doesn’t really surprise me when I think about it, the two leading lights at that club are about as bright as a 2 watt bulb. What has Leeann Dempster or Rod Petrie brought to the table of Scottish Football? Absolutely nothing in my opinion. Dempster like her rival at Hearts Anne Budge talked big at the very start, but talk is cheap.

Teams like St Johnstone and St Mirren will give us plenty of tickets, as will Kilmarnock, even Hearts give us around 4,000. There clubs realise, that empty seats means empty Bank accounts, and empty Bank Accounts mean Liquidation.

“Football without Fans is Nothing” I wonder what Big Jock would have made of it.

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