This ir our City, and these are our Colours !!!

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This ir our City, and these are our Colours !!!

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Mon Dec 09, 2019 1:53 pm

This is our City …. And these are our Colour’s ….
I have to admit, yesterday was not one of our better displays this season. But it’s a Cup Final, and the only thing that matters, is who is holding aloft the trophy at the end of the game. Yesterday it was once again that Serial Winner Scott Brown.

To win ten trophies in a row is a remarkable achievement, I haven’t checked, but I very much doubt it’s been done before, and I certainly believe it will not be equalled, certainly not in my life time. And we can now push on and concentrate all our efforts on winning our ninth title on the trot.

I don’t know what Lenny will be thinking about Thursday night’s match versus Cluj, but for me, I would be giving most, if not all of yesterday’s team the night off. It’s a great opportunity to give some player’s much needed time on the park, Bhoy’s like Griff and Olivier Ntcham, Mikey Johnston and Nir Bitton would benefit from getting a full ninety minutes in a competitive game situation. And while I would love to complete the group stage undefeated, in the great scheme of thing it doesn’t matter, we’ve already won the group.

Getting back to yesterday at the Dump that is the National Stadium, and I sincerely mean Dump. The place is not fit for purpose, and that will not change unless someone want to invest about 1 billion pound knocking it down and building a proper 100,000 seated stadium with proper public transport links. The stadium would do so long as Celtic aren’t playing Sevco, we had about 15,000 supporters who attended the semi-final who couldn’t get a ticket for the final. Then again you get teams like Aberdeen and Hearts who cannot fill their own stadium demanding 50% of the tickets.

We have now played at Hampden 14 times in just over 3 years, and apart from the times we have faced Sevco we have sold much more that 50% of the tickets available. That means also that we have contributed much more than any other team in Scotland to the coffers of the SFA and SPFL, in fact we have contributed more than all the other teams put together, and what do we receive in return? Nothing but contempt.

Ah well, no point in moaning too much today, I will just have to carry on the celebrations from last night. Do other football supporters in Scotland know how expensive it is being a Celtic Supporter who goes to every match? 10 Trophies in a Row means a lot of celebrating, and that doesn’t come cheap, but I’m not complaining, long may it continue.

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