Aalborg info for fans

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Aalborg info for fans

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CELTIC travel to Denmark next week to take on Aalborg in the UEFA Champions League and the following information has been collated to help those supporters who are making the trip.

However, first up is a welcoming message from the city’s Mayor, Henning G Jensen who extends a warm handshake to the visiting supporters who have been praised throughout Europe for their behaviour, sportsmanship and support of their team.


[I:e5d49e87]In Aalborg we have a motto “seize the world”. A call to welcome the world with arms wide open and a call to embrace life as it unfolds in the world around us.

Aalborg prides itself in being a very internationally orientated city that loves to celebrate and to have visitors.

It’s also a very sporting city. Therefore it is a great pleasure to welcome Celtic Football Club, the Scottish Champions and their supporters to Aalborg.

I hope that you will enjoy your stay here and take the opportunity to experience some of the many things the city has too offer.

We look forward to an exciting match with great sportsmanship.

[/I:e5d49e87][B:e5d49e87]Henning G. Jensen
Mayor of Aalborg

[/B:e5d49e87][B:e5d49e87]AALBORG STADIUM
[/B:e5d49e87]Aalborg BK was founded on May 13, 1885. Home games are played at Energi Nord Arena, Aalborg. The stadium has a capacity of 13,800 for national league matches, however for UEFA fixtures the capacity is reduced to 10,500.

The stadium was inaugurated at the current site in 1920 and received a major upgrade in 2002 resulting in the current facilities.

[B:e5d49e87]TICKETS AND STADIUM ACCESS[/B:e5d49e87]
Celtic have received 800 tickets for this fixture with 600 located in the East Stand and 200 VIP seats in the stadium’s North Stand.

* Please do not travel to Aalborg if you do not have a ticket for this fixture in one of the areas allocated to the Celtic support.

*Celtic Ticket Services will manage the sale of our tickets – please only purchase tickets from this source.

*Coach Parking is located close to the North Stand of the stadium, a short distance from the turnstiles allocated to visiting fans.

*Celtic supporters located in the East Stand should access the stadium via entrance No.6. Please note that this area has restricted circulation space for spectators.

*Tickets cordons will be in place, prior to the turnstiles to ensure that fans are in possession of a match day ticket.

*Celtic supporters are asked to allow plenty of time to enter the stadium. It is in important that this area does not become congested.

*All fans will be liable to a search prior to entering the ground.

[B:e5d49e87]STADIUM EGRESS[/B:e5d49e87]
At the conclusion of the match, It is possible that Celtic supporters will be asked to remain in the stadium for approximately 15mins.

This will be decided by the safety authorities and announcements will be made in English to advise Celtic fans

*Please take your time when exiting the stadium, remembering there is restricted circulation space for spectators.

*Celtic supporters will directed by the Police and safety stewards from the stadium to their coaches located nearby .

[/B:e5d49e87]Similar regulations that are in place at Celtic Park ensure the safety of spectators in Aalborg. Celtic supporters are asked to ensure that these are complied with at all times. In particular:

*The introduction or sale of alcohol is forbidden within the stadium.

*Smoking is not permitted within the Energi Nord Arena

*Bringing bottles or cans into the stadium is forbidden

[/B:e5d49e87]The North Jutland Police welcome football fans to Aalborg and offer the following advice:

*Large events can attract all kinds of criminals, please be aware of pickpockets in busy areas.

*Visitors must at all times carry a valid Passport or Identity Card as a requirement of Danish Law.

*It is an offence to carry alcoholic drink on organised or public transport.

*It is an offence to buy or sell tickets on the “Black Market”.

If you require Police assistance, they are located at Jyllandsgade 27,9000 Aalborg and can be reached by dialling (+45) 114 or (+45) 96301448. In case of Emergency dial (+45) 112

[/B:e5d49e87]Celtic Football Club will take our own travel stewards to Aalborg to assist and facilitate visiting fans.

The Stewards are there for your assistance will be clearly identify with high visibly bibs and be in possession of Celtic accreditation.

Please assist our stewards, the local Police and safety stewards in Aalborg by following their directions.

[/B:e5d49e87]Celtic Football Club is grateful to the British Embassy in Copenhagen for their assistance in the planning of our visit to Denmark.

Persons requiring consulate advice will be assisted by Consular staff located in Aalborg for the match.

The Consul recommends that fans should visit their website on travel to Denmark [URL="http://www.ukindenmark.fco.gov.uk/"]www.ukindenmark.fco.gov.uk[/URL:e5d49e87]

The British Embassy can be contacted on 00 45 35 44 520


[/B:e5d49e87]Aalborg BK [URL="http://www.aabsport.dktourist/"]www.aabsport.dk

[/URL:e5d49e87]Tourist Information [URL="http://www.visitaalborg.com/"]www.visitaalborg.com[/URL:e5d49e87]

Doctor on Call 00 45 70 15 0300

Dentist on call 00 45 7020 0255

TAXI 0045 9810 1010 OR 00 45 9812 1212

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